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I’ve always enjoyed reading and when I’ve read a particularly good book, I love to recommend it to my friends. I want them to share the joy I had in reading the book. I want to be able to talk with them about it.


It is so entertaining to become engrossed in a book with a unique subject matter or that takes place in a time or place that is not often written of. Those are the books I love most. Ellen’s Good Reads describes some of my favorites.

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Linda Kass has written three fascinating books of biographical fiction: Tasa’s Song, A Ritchie Boy, and Bessie. They each focus on the early lives of Jewish European immigrants to the United States, before and shortly after WWII, but their stories are an interesting departure from the ubiquitous novels about WWII in Europe. Tasa’s Song reflects her mother’s experience in Poland during the Russian and German occupation. A Ritchie Boy tells the story of her father, who escaped occupied Austria at 15, and returned as a U.S. soldier to gather military intelligence in Germany. Bessie is about Bess Myerson, daughter of Russian immigrants and crowned Miss America six days after the end of the War. Linda Kass also founded an independent bookstore in Bexley, Ohio – Gramercy Books, where she has a broad selection of new books and related gifts and she also provides a full and rich schedule of literary programs and presentations.

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"If you don't like to read, you haven't found the right book."  J.K. Rowling


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